I began weaving in 2001 during a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I took a class in landscape tapestry taught by Robin Reider, one of the leading weavers in the Southwest.  With a background in watercolor painting, knitting and needlepoint, I quickly became enthralled with the process of “painting with wool.”  After a year of experimenting at home, I returned to Santa Fe for a class in Color and Design from internationally acclaimed weaver and teacher, James Koehler.  Each of the next three years, I returned to spend a week in Koehler’s studio to study color theory, design, wool dying, and tapestry technique.  Subsequently, I have taken classes taught by Joan Baxter, Anne Jackson, Christine Laffer, Susan Martin Maffei, Jennie Slick, and Mary Walker.


I have participated in numerous juried and unjuried art exhibitions throughout the United States.  I became a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen in January 2007.  In addition to displaying my pieces in several of their galleries, I have exhibited at the Annual Craftsmen’s Fair at Mount Sunapee for the past past nine years.  I will be there again in August 2017.


I have three Macomber four-harness floor looms, built in York, Maine. The largest has a 64 inch width capacity. All can be warped to more or less limitless length.  I also have numerous "table" looms on which I weave small format tapestries.


My designs range from purely geometric, to geometric landscapes, to more representational interpretations of favorite views.  I have a palette of nearly 200 colors, all of which I dye in my home studio.  With this enormous array of color, I am able to create very subtle gradations, changing almost seamlessly between values and hues.


I divide my time between two homes, one in northern New Mexico and the other in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  My designs and color choices are influenced by the natural beauty of both of these rugged environments. My current focus has been to use traditional Navajo techniques and design elements to weave geometric landscapes and abstract contemporary designs.


Through my weavings, I hope to share some of the peace and well-being I feel sitting on mountain tops (or mesa tops), gazing at distant peaks and ridges, and watching soaring birds at play on the thermals that rise from the valley (or canyon) below.